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Blood Bank/Immunohematology
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WLS is now an approved vendor for U.S. Government including Military Hospitals and Agencies. WLS DUNS #155282705 & WLS CCR #4ZNV5
WLS is a woman-owned small business.
Blood Bank/ Immunohematology  

Testing Platforms

ABO and IgG Workstation

IgG Workstation - card slots and tools storage (TS Series)

IgG Workstation - card slots only (GC Series)

Antibody Identification Workstation

Traditional Workstation

Reagent Racks & Storage

Ortho, Immucor, or Gamma Reagent Bottle Storage

Reagent Bottle Storage to use with Ortho ProVue™

Donor Room

Wesbloc® Magnetic Specimen Retainer

Wesbloc® File

Wesbloc® Clipboard

X-Match Donor Blood Storage Container

Segment Sealer Safety Shield

1, 2, or 3 Tier Label Dispenser

Lab Accessories

Temp-Check Rapid Response Thermometer

Saline Spray Nozzel for Sorvall CW2

TD250 Test Tube Dispenser

1, 2, or 3 Tier Label Dispenser

Ortho, Immucor, or Gamma Reagent Refrigerator Storage Tray

Single Wall Refrigerator Drawer Divider

Multi-Unit Refrigerator Drawer Divider

Test Tube Viewer


Specimen Cassette Trays

Slide Drying Rack

Microplate Storage System


Media Plate Transport and Storage

Media Plate Storage

Research Lab


ID-TipMaster® & BioHit® Pipette Tips

Eppendorf, MLA, Pipetman, BioHit® Vista Lab, Rainin, Nichiryo Pipette Tips

12x75mm Plastic Test Tubes

Transport Tubes & Vials

2.0 Microcentrifuge Tubes

Analyzer Cups

EZEENEST Sample Cups