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Antibody Identification Workstation  

BBTP-SSP Series: Antibody Identification Workstation

  • A special studies (antibody identification) workstation for gel-cards
  • Work on up to 4 Ab panels at one time
  • Holds 23 of the 0.8% panocell bottles, or 23 test tube aliquates

Set up one time and store entire rack in the refrigerator for future use

  • Each row = 1-16mm sample, 2-12mm test tubes, and 3-gel cards
  • Available in a traditional testing workstation (16 tubes, no gel)
  • Lexan polycarbonate construction more info...
Product ID:
#SSP-G (for gel-card testing)
#SSP-T (for traditional tube testing - not pictured)

U.S. Patent Pending